Sturdy Keepsake Box for Book & Poster included in Gift Set
32 page Hard cover Story Book included in Gift Set
24x36" Fireplace Poster included in Gift Set
Santa's Magical Chimney

Santa's Magical Chimney Gift Set: United States

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We hope you enjoy this FIRST EDITION Santa's Magical Chimney Gift Set.

The Story Book, 24" x 36" Magical Chimney Poster and Keepsake Box.

 There might be a key, there might be dust,
but having a REAL chimney is simply a must!
So here's a new tradition for Santa's crawl down,
 to ensure this Christmas, no kids will frown.
 Go ahead, hang up your stockings above,
because Santa's visit down YOUR chimney is now provided with love. 
Author, Christine DerOhannesian
Illustrator, Christine Gambelunghi-Triantis


Thank you for your purchase and help to provide a magical and merry Christmas for happy children worldwide!


Author, Christine DerOhannesian